Find the best wearable technology to get moving at Sam’s Club


June 28, 2017 Technology No comments

Find the best wearable technology to get moving at Sam’s Club.


iFit Classic

Light and sleek, and  won’t feel heavy on your wrist. Durablue tracker that wIll withstand your  very active  lifestyle. Plus, glass is shockproof  and won’t  break. A fashionable fitness tracker to keep  track of all your daily fitness activity, from calories burned at the gym to daily steps walked. Water-resistant you can wear in the shower, the pool and even when you’re your sweatiest. iFit Classic will detect the type of movement you’re performing and immediately starts tracking. The more you move, you’ll get more battery life, up to 7 days of no charge. Checkout your progress and download the iFit app. The perfect tool to meet and excel your health and fitness goals. Keep up with your your calorie goal and calories you’ve burned. You’ll receive vibrations when you have been inactive for a long period of time.

Fitbit Alta bundle

Get ready to move, go workout and track all your activity. Receive on the minute updates of your active and inactive activity. Get credit for intense workouts with SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition. Track your sleep pattern to improve on it. An easy to read OLED display for instant access to  your progress and fitness activity. Fitbit Alta also gives the ability to receive calls and texts. Customize  Fitbit Alta’s layout and clock faces. Wear your it your way, and change  the band to black or purple. Fitbit Alta sends will send reminders of your current fitness goals so you can achieve them. Fitbit Alta syncs to your computer and smartphone to keep you on track. Be sure to check Fitbit mobile tools for additional  support and help to  reach your goals. You’ll sure enjoy using and wearing Fitbit Alta everyday.

Apple Watch Sports Series

A raise up the bar watch that lets you track  your fitness activity, control your music and even pay for your groceries using your voice. Apple Watch is only water resistant not waterproof. It can also be used as a GPS to get directions. Get instant notifications on your next exits or lane changes. Can’t reach your phone? No problem answer from your Apple  Watch. Even if you are a heavy user, battery lasts for hours. You won’t be able to be without your Apple Watch and use it for everything. If you have the Health app and another fitness app installed, Apple Watch will track your fitness and sleep activity even if you are not wearing it.

iFit Vue

Get inspired, go on a journey to reach your fitness goals, and push harder and opt for iFit Vue. Available in colorful options  to make any outfit standout from the crowd. Feel motivated to keep moving when iFit Vue sends you vibration reminders. Built-in calorie counter allows you to enter meals no matter where you are. You can even check  your heart rate from your wrist. Get your iFit Vue wet and keep moving, it will continue  tracking your activity.

Get the best wearable technology that fits your goals and get the best one from Sam’s Club.